Allison Angel — 92 Stars

Alison Angel just turned twenty, and although she is no longer a teen she is still the most perfect blonde on the World Wide Web. Alison, who was born in April two decades ago, measure a stunning all natural 36D-26-36. Even after turning a year older she has managed to keep her innocent look – this babe will give guys a boner until she’s forty five.

Genuine girls next door are a rare breed even in today’s burgeoning personal site market, and to actually find someone as natural as Alison Angel on the net is quite a feat. Alison does not suck cock here but she does the hottest soft core videos (sometimes with dildos included) you can possibly imagine. All her videos are downloadable in DivX format for Mac users and WMV format for PC users. Downloading each film will take your DSL connection no time at all – maybe under three minutes – and the quality is excellent.

Alison began right after she turned 18 as one of the hottest girls FTV (First Time Video) has ever put on film. You can actually watch her original FTV audition on the site, a must-see. She instantly became too popular to be simply among one of the cuties on FTV and now has a site of her own. By the looks of it, it’s a highly popular site, boasting a professional look from top to bottom. The home page is classy and simple with a five link menu and magazine cover thumbnails. The download pages have a link back to the home page, which is very convenient. The pics are just as exciting to download as her videos – all wallpaper quality and taken with the professionalism and artistry such a girl natural girl as Alison Angel deserves. You can even download supersized pics of Alison – these are a selection of her best pics at 2000 x 3000.

Chicks like Alison Angel have to be presented in the most natural way possible, and the site owners don’t miss a beat. Alison hasn’t changed since she started her site. After two years in the business she has not gained, or more importantly lost weight. She is no runway model and doesn’t pretend like she is. She is every guy’s dream girl, a fantasy in whatever outfit she wears.

After looking at her pics and videos, the link to her Playground is highly recommended. Here, you get outtakes and much more candid material. For hot lesbian scenes, visit Alison’s friends, another link that practically doubles your sign-up fee value. All in all, the site doesn’t waste your time and it’s a veritable investment that will surely give you a terrific return. Alison is updated frequently and most recently she even made a movie and a new picture gallery devoted to the World Cup!

— Viki

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